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How to use cleaning fluid to clean the flatbed printer?

2021-03-03 14:50:36

Flatbed printers need to use a special cleaning fluid to clean the nozzle and tube ink path during use, so as to avoid the blockage of the nozzle and pipeline in the future due to a long time of use. Because this special cleaning fluid has strong scouring and dissolving power, it can ensure the smooth movement of the ink in the pipeline after cleaning. So, how to use cleaning fluid to clean the uv flatbed printer?

1. Regularly clean the wiper and ink pad

In order to prevent the flatbed printer from breaking ink during printing due to clogging of the pipeline and nozzles, cleaning fluid should be used to clean the wiper blade and ink pad regularly every week. Some users use pure water or alcohol when cleaning, but it is not recommended to use water and alcohol, because these solvents have low solubility for ink, and alcohol has a slight corrosive effect on the wiper.

2. Clean the pipeline regularly

Under normal circumstances, flatbed printers need to be cleaned with cleaning fluid once after three to six months of use. Due to long-term use of UV ink, there will be some attachments on the wall of the pipeline, and these attachments will smooth the ink. The performance will have a certain impact. The cleaning solution has strong solubility and strong solubility for attachments, so it is necessary to clean the pipeline regularly.

3. Clean the nozzle regularly

In some cases, due to the poor working environment, the flatbed printer will generate static electricity when working, so there will be a lot of cotton-like dust sticking to the surface of the nozzle. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause oblique spray and blockage of the ink holes. Dropping the cleaning liquid into the ink pad regularly can make the ink head more moisturizing, and it is not easy to absorb more dust due to static electricity during work.

If the nozzle or ink pipeline is blocked, the large flatbed printer will not be able to print normally, resulting in a decrease in factor quality. Therefore, when using the flatbed printer, it is necessary to use the cleaning fluid to do the regular cleaning of each part to prevent the occurrence of blockage due to some unavoidable factors in the use process.

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