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The development of magnetic card reader

2021-03-03 11:25:57

      With the development of social economy, has now entered a new information era, information is indispensable to People's Daily life. And was widely used in all kinds of bank CARDS, it is a short bearing information of coal. In an age of everyone with a card, natural without card reader. The so-called "reader" card data read is a kind of equipment, it not only can support the card data read, write together can also support data. Card reader can end a variety of functions such as active fees, to sell CARDS, CARDS, etc., with useful and convenient, convenience, reliability, high-grade characteristics. So the reader demand in the market now is also planning a huge, continues to grow and develop rapidly. Portable printers, commercial super printers, pos printers


     Card reader start planning is a digital camera for cooperation, the use of the card reader at the present stage is no longer just limited to the digital camera, but has now spread to the broader category. Early, people in the use of digital camera often demand will be copied to the hard disk data in camera, but when the interface is not very wide, are generally will be the camera's output port connection to computer serial port, and serial data transmission speed is low, needs to spend a lot of time, therefore, to compensate for the defects produced a card reader. With mobile phones, cameras, digital products such as rapidly developed, and the powerful promoted the card reader. Card reader is used widely, it not only used in the category of education and medical care system, together through the secondary development, can also be used in driving system, membership system, kiosks and other assignments, energetic play card reader convenience, self-help function. Portable printers, commercial super printers, pos printers

     Card reader, there are many kinds of types, according to the operation mode can be divided into online readers (such as the dining hall clock in, consumer machine) and offline reader (such as attendance machine, access control machine); According to the job types can be divided into touch card reader (such as water meter, gas table, magnetic stripe CARDS) and non touch card reader (such as a bus ", the second generation card reader); On the interface of it mainly has: serial port card reader, parallel port card reader, card reader, etc. Because interface data transmission speed is slow, serial port and parallel port card reader has been screened in the basic. In this article to analysis and discussion mainly about planning, magnetic stripe card reader is introduced by above knowable, it belongs to touch a card reader. Magnetic stripe card reader (1) can also be called a magnetic card reader, magnetic card card and etc, it is to read a magnetic stripe card information equipment.

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