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Printer resolution

2021-01-14 11:42:02

When purchasing a printer, users often see these parameters such as resolution and printing speed. So what do these references actually mean? Let us understand the terms of laser printers together.

1. Resolution

The resolution is an important technical index to measure the quality of the printer. Printer resolution generally refers to the larger resolution, the greater the resolution, the better the print quality. Since the resolution has an important influence on the output quality, the printer usually uses the resolution to measure its level. The unit of calculation is DPI (Dot Per lnch), which means the number of dots printed per inch. For example, the resolution of a printer is 600DPI, which means that its printout prints 600 dots per inch. The higher the DPI value, the more precise and realistic the effect of the printout, of course, the longer the output time and the more expensive the price.


The resolution of the general dot matrix printer is 180DPI, which is as high as 360DPI; the inkjet printer is 720DPI, and the slightly higher is 1440DPI. The recently launched inkjet printer has a high resolution of 2880DPI; the laser printer is 300DPI, 600DPI, and the high It is 1200DPI, even 2400DPI. The resolution of dye sublimation thermal transfer printer is as high as 1800DPI. It stands to reason that the resolution (Resolusion) should be the number of distinguishable points (lines) that can be achieved within a unit length (width). Only in this way can the precision of the printed graphics and text be shown. If a printer can print 10 recognizable lines within 1mm width instead of pitch black, it can be said that the resolution of the printer is 10 lines/mm, which is equivalent to 254DPI, but the current concept of resolution is "in unit The number of dots (number of lines) that can be printed in length (width) degrees". It is not emphasized whether it can be clearly distinguished visually, that is, there is no "distinguishability" at all. This is just a mathematical "decomposition", regardless of the size of the physical point. This "resolution" is actually dot density. Another one-inch-long horizontal line was printed horizontally by a certain printer with 360 consecutive dots, which means that the horizontal resolution of the printer is 360DPI. Even the diameter of each dot is 0.2mm (the needle diameter of a 24-pin printer). If you use an inkjet printer with a dot diameter of only 50μm and print with the same DPI, the effects will be quite different compared to the two.

In view of this situation, it is especially necessary to remind users that even under the same resolution index, printers of different products have the same function, the effect of printing will be very different. Because the print quality is related to the single dot size as mentioned above. Furthermore, the print quality is also related to the color saturation of a single point, the point and positioning accuracy, and the shape of the base to the point.

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