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How to choose the right barcode printer

2021-01-14 11:42:02

What is a barcode printer? The bar code printer is a dedicated printer. The big difference between bar code printers and general printers is that the printing of bar code printers is based on heat, using ribbon as the printing medium (or directly using thermal paper) to complete the printing. This printing method is relative to the general printing method. The greater advantage is that it can complete continuous high-speed printing without being guarded. The content it prints is generally the company's brand logo, serial number logo, packaging logo, envelope label, clothing tag, etc.

After knowing what a barcode printer is, how should we choose a suitable barcode printer? Here is an example. Let’s take a look first. Take the Zebra Zebra Zt410 label and barcode printer as an example. Let’s take a look at its basic parameters.

zebra-zt410 zebra label printer

Normative features

●Printing method: thermal or thermal transfer

●Printing method: thermal transfer and thermal printing

●Body design: metal structure and foldable metal dielectric cover with large clear window

●Side-mounted consumables loading, simplifying the media and ribbon device

●With the help of Element Energy Equalizer (E3) skills, complete excellent print quality

●Communication: USB 2.0, high speed, RS-232 serial, 10/100 Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1, USB host port

●Backlit, multi-graphics LCD display, with intuitive menus and easy-to-use keyboard for quick operation

●Double colorful status LEDs, easy to quickly monitor the printer status

●Pass ENERGY STAR certification

Printing specification

●Resolution: 203dpi (8dots/mm), 300dpi (12dot/mm) (optional), 600dpi (24dot/mm) (optional)

●Memory: standard configuration: 256MB RAM, 512MB Flash

●Maximum printing width: 4.09 inches/104 mm

●Maximum printing length: 203dpi: 3988mm; 300dpi: 1854mm; 600dpi: 991mm

●Maximum printing speed: 14 inches/sec (356 mm/sec)

●Media sensor: transmission type and reflection type

Medium characteristics

●Media width (label and backing paper): 1 inch / 25.4 mm to 4.5 inch / 114 mm, tear/cutter; 1 inch / 25.4 mm to 4.25 inch / 108 mm, peel/rewind

●Larger length of non-continuous label: 39 inches/991 mm

●Large media roll size: 8 inches / 203 mm, the core outer diameter 3 inches / 76 mm core inner diameter

●Medium thickness: 0.0023 inches/0.058 mm to 0.010 inches/0.25 mm

●Media type: continuous paper, die-cut paper, notched paper, black mark paper

Ribbon characteristics

●Maximum outer diameter: 450 meters: 3.2 inches/81.3 mm, core diameter 1 inch/25.4 mm core inner diameter

●Standard length: 1476′/450 meters

●Width: 2.00 inches/51 mm to 4.33 inches/110 mm

●Carbon ribbon setting: The ribbon is wound with the ink side facing out; the optional ribbon spool can be used to wind the ribbon with the ink side facing inward.

Job parameters

●Operating temperature 40° F/5° C-105° F/41° C

●Storage/transportation temperature: -40° F/-40° C-140° F/60° C

●Operating humidity: 20-85%, no condensation

●Storage humidity: 5-85%, no condensation

Electrical parameters

●Automatic detection (conforming to PFC specification) 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, rated power 100 watts

●Pass ENERGY STAR certification

Physical parameters (closed condition)

●Width: 10.6 inches/269 mm

●Height: 12.75 inches/324 mm

●Depth: 19.50 inches/495 mm

●Weight: 36 lb/16.33 kg

After reading its parameters, do you have a certain understanding? Now I tell us how to choose a suitable barcode printer. From the parameters of the barcode printer above, we can see that to choose a suitable barcode printer, your first application scenario is whether it is used in the office or in the factory. Then you need to know how to print Demand refers to how many labels need to be printed per day. If you need less, you can choose commercial or desktop type. If you print a lot every day, generally speaking with 102mm*152mm standard labels, if you exceed 10,000 labels, you should consider choosing an industrial printer. Then, summarize the printing accuracy, environmental requirements, media requirements, weight and volume, etc., and select a suitable barcode printer.

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