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What are the important parameters and performance of bar code printers?

2021-01-14 11:42:36

1. Print width: indicates the larger width that the printer can print, and also represents the grade of the printer. Generally speaking, there are several choices for the print width from 3 inches to 8 inches. The print width is the decisive factor in choosing the printer. The actual need to choose a printer that suits them.

2. Printing accuracy: The higher the accuracy of the printer, the clearer the printing. Now the higher printing accuracy is 600dpi, and 200dpi and 300dpi can meet the daily needs of the industry. There is no need for users to invest in the pursuit of high printing accuracy. Excessive capital.

3. Printing speed: Fast speed is the big advantage of bar code printers over general printers. Its speed can reach 12 inches per second. For the same type of machine, the faster the difficulty, the lower the accuracy. So users must adjust the machine by themselves to achieve a thorough combination of speed and precision.


4. Interface: General parallel port is the standard interface for bar code printers. Nowa, there are also many bar code printers that have introduced USB interfaces.

5. Others: In order to meet the needs of printers and users, each manufacturer has planned many optional accessories: cutters, strippers, paper holders, etc., users can purchase by themselves according to their specific requirements.

(Example: Label dispenser option The factory-installed label dispenser option allows the user to peel off the label backing (backing paper/web) from the label during the label printing process, so that it is ready for use When printing multiple labels, removing the dispensed (peeled) label can tell the printer to print and dispense the next label. In order to use the dispenser form correctly, the printer driver should be used to activate the label removal sensor and package But it is not limited to common label settings such as length, non-continuous (gap) and web (backing paper). Otherwise, the user must send ZPL or EPL programming instructions to the printer.)

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