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What is the purpose of the receipt printer?

2021-01-14 11:43:17

Receipt printers are different from common laser printers used in common offices. In fact, they are widely used in many occasions, such as printing receipts and invoices in shopping malls and supermarkets, as well as printers for printing value-added tax invoices for financial companies, etc. In addition, there are many other uses: such as a portable receipt printer for the traffic police to issue tickets on the spot, and a check printer for financial affairs.

   In short, the receipt printer is a printer used to print various special receipts.

   The uses of receipt printers are so extensive that they cannot be listed completely. The following are some common uses:

  1. Printing of financial receipts. The printer has a very wide range of financial use of payroll, value-added tax invoices, service work invoices, checks, and administrative fee receipts;

  2. On-site printing of legal documents on the part of the government. On-site printing of legal documents, such as: traffic police on-site tickets, urban management on-site legal documents. On-site legal documents of companies, food and drug on-site legal documents, etc. In fact, there is also a commonly used printer in the government department that is used to print licenses, such as business licenses, tax registration certificates, organization code certificates, etc., which are generally not called bills printer;


       3. Financial work printing process sheet, silver work process sheet, credit card transaction voucher, bank statement, settlement list;

  4, public utilities and telecommunications departments print payment notices or invoices;

  5, logistics work printing process form express bill, settlement list;

  6, retail and service work print consumption list supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, hotels, print consumption lists;

  7, various transportation tickets such as train tickets, plane tickets, boarding passes, bus tickets, etc.;

   8. Print all kinds of reports, flow sheets, and detailed sheets. The company prints various daily reports, monthly reports, flow sheets, and detailed sheets with a huge amount of data.

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