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How to pay attention to the cleaning of barcode print head

2021-01-14 11:43:17

As a seller of barcode printer products, with many years of experience and contact with products, as well as the feelings gained from contacting customers in ordinary times, I often hear customers confiding: Our barcode printer head is broken, our company The barcode printer is out of order, the accessories of the barcode printer are so expensive, etc.

A barcode print head is indeed expensive for several thousand, which is also a well-known thing. I believe everyone knows that the scarcity is the most expensive, but we can still prevent the replacement of the print head as much as possible. So let's first talk about how to clean and pay attention to the barcode print head:

1. When we perform routine maintenance on the barcode printer, please turn off the printer power first. At the same time, you must wait for the barcode print head to dissipate heat before disposing of the print head;


2. When cleaning, please use strong alcohol, above 99%, and no water. In order to ensure the quality of the barcode print head, it is necessary to wait for a roll of barcode printer ribbon to be used up, and then clean it and reduce the residue of dust, such as particles, paper dust, sand or glue, to prevent damage to the barcode print head;

3. Repeatedly scrub the print head until there is no other attachment on the print head with a cotton swab.

4. Maintaining the print head is mainly regular maintenance. Generally, the time for cleaning the print head depends on the printing volume of the machine. So I don’t say how long it takes to clean once. Here I suggest that you can clean it once if you print 300 meters according to the length of your ribbon.

5. Remember, don't wipe the heating wire of the print head with cotton, it will be easily damaged.

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